Here are few guidelines to keep us all safe and happy!

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff with an active SDSU ID are eligible to use the build IT makerspace
  • Orientation is required to be in the room and use the equipment. Expectations are for 3D Print Request Pick-ups, Tours, and Specific Course Assignments.
  • Everyone should check in at our Front Desk
  • Training is required to operate:
    • Brother Sewing/Embroidery Machine
    • Inventables Carvey
    • Monoprice Mini 3D printer
    • Silhouette Cameo
    • Soldering Iron
  • A reservation is HIGHLY recommended to use the machines. Reservations ensure that the machine is available for you and that there are staff on hand to assist you.
  • All tools are to be used in the makerspace and should not leave the room.
  • While in the room, individuals should listen and follow the directions of the staff
  • Machine kits are to be checked out and in from the front desk
  • Build IT is not responsible for any harm or injury incurred as a result of usage of the equipment or for anything left in the room
  • Project clean up begins 15 minutes prior to build IT’s closing time

Master Builders After Hours Policy
By using build IT after hours, I understand that it is my responsibility to:

  1. Greet any non-master builders and let them know when opening hours are
  2. Be present in the room at all times if you have any guests (non-master builders)
  3. Have the door propped while the room is occupied
  4. Leave the space as I found it:
    • clean up messes
    • restore default white filament in printers
    • put equipment back
    • Leave the lights on
    • Lock all the computers
  5. Report broken items and if something runs out to Cathy or Jenny
  6. Make sure doors are locked when the room is empty and the key is returned to the Hub Desk