Master Builders

Master Builders help run build IT @SDSU Library by volunteering their time to lead other students in the use and maintenance of the space; and thus, ensuring that the resources remain available to all.

Master Builders...

  • have a love for technology
  • like to make 
  • enjoy exploring new uses of materials & equipment
  • excel at problem-solving, learning, and teamwork
  • like to share and learn from others

No skills or experience is required. Just a willingness to volunteer 3 hours per a week



In return for volunteering 3 hours per a week, Master Builders get:

  • after-hours access to build IT and its resources
  • A voice in the decision process for new resources added to the space
  • Be the first to get their hands on the latest acquired resources
  • Gain teaching experience from training others and participating in the build IT events
  • Be part of a creative, digital fabrication-focused community

How to become a Master Builder

Complete the interest form

Let us know that you want to become a Master Builder

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Submit your availability schedule

Let us know when you can volunteer

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Attend an orientation session

Become safety certified and meet the Master Builder Group

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Start mastering your building skills

Now it's on you to start the learning

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