Master Builders

Master Builders help run build IT @SDSU Library by volunteering their time to lead other students in the use and maintenance of the space; and thus, ensuring that the resources remain available to all.

Master Builders...

  • have a love for technology
  • like to make 
  • enjoy exploring new uses of materials & equipment
  • excel at problem-solving, learning, and teamwork
  • like to share and learn from others

No skills or experience is required. Just a willingness to volunteer 3 hours per a week



In return for volunteering 3 hours per a week, Master Builders get:

  • after-hours access to build IT and its resources
  • A voice in the decision process for new resources added to the space
  • Be the first to get their hands on the latest acquired resources
  • Gain teaching experience from training others and participating in the build IT events
  • Be part of a creative, digital fabrication-focused community

How to become a Master Builder

Complete the interest form

Let us know that you want to become a Master Builder

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Submit your availability schedule

Let us know when you can volunteer

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Attend an orientation session

Become safety certified and meet the Master Builder Group

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Start mastering your building skills

Now it's on you to start the learning


A sample of work done by build IT students

Paper Project Ideas

Video made by Elise Serrano. The best part of these projects is that all you need is paper! Detailed instructions can be found here: Origami Stars-… Origami Wall Decoration-… Pinata- 


build IT Coloring Pages

Missing build IT and all its wonderful creative activities. Well, the little robots have been working while the humans can’t coexist in the space. Add your own color to these pages to fill in the blank on what they’ve been up to.

RED and BLUE’s Stay at Home Ideas

build IT is all about promoting creativity. Just because we’re not currently open doesn’t mean that has to stop! Making your own stop motion video can be a fun way to spend your time. This video was made by student assistants Patrick Coh and Chris Potente working from home. Patrick created the animations and edited […]

colored bracelets

Solar System Bracelets

Every year, there is a week called Engineers Week. The idea is to get K-12 students interested in engineering ideas, classes, majors, and careers. Some companies get involved – hosting tours, giving presentations, or otherwise exposing students to STEM. This week comes from the idea that the earlier children are introduced to engineering, the more […]

Skateboard rack

Skateboard Rack

by Doug Brantley, 2015 Materials Wood Processes Design Goals Challenges  

Plastic Google Cardboard

Plastic Google Cardboard

by Joey Casabar, 2014 Materials Plastic Processes 3D modeling, 3D printing Design Goals To design a more sanitary and sturdy Google Cardboard Challenges The original Google Cardboard design changed. Finding suppliers of the lens.