Bring your lessons to life with Google Expeditions

Introduce your students to a new way of learning with virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

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with integrating Google Expeditions into your course


through the VR/AR software

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With the Expeditions app, classrooms have no boundaries

With VR and AR, teachers are no longer limited by the space of the classroom. VR lets you explore the world virtually while AR brings abstract concepts to life—allowing teachers to guide students through collections of 360° scenes and 3D objects, pointing out interesting sites and artifacts along the way.


Take your students on virtual field trips

If you could take your students anywhere in the world—where would you take them? From Mount Everest to the Louvre, there are over 900 VR Expeditions in the Expeditions app for you and your class to explore.

What you need to experience VR:

  • Expeditions app
  • Mobile device
  • Cardboard viewer


Bring the world into your classroom

Imagine bringing a swirling tornado or a buzzing beehive into your classroom. Bring abstract concepts to life with the Expeditions app AR mode. Explore over 100 AR Expeditions available to see what’s possible.

What you need to experience AR:

  • Expeditions app
  • Mobile device that supports ARCore (Android) or ARKit (iOS)
  • Optional: Selfie stick

Create your own virtual adventures

With Tour Creator, teachers can build virtual field trips or empower students to create their own immersive tours. You can create a virtual reality tour using your own 360° or 180° photos or images from Street View directly in the browser

Create a virtual tour 


What's in our AR/VR 30-Student kit?

  • 30 Pixel 3a student devices
  • 30 Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Rapid chargers
  • Teacher device
  • Router
  • Charging cart