Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card

Make a Pop-Up card!

Up your gift-giving game with a fun personalized letter!


  • paper (colored construction paper was used in the video)
  • scissors
  • pencil/pen
  • tape and/or glue


  1. Choose paper and fold in half
  2. Mark out slits to cut out (for the “pop” part)
  3. Cut and crease the pop-out sections
  4. Measure, trace, and cut out the symbols or letters you want
  5. Attach them to the pop outs
  6. Adhere the inner paper to the outer cover
  7. Crease where necessary and make sure it opens and closes well, without being folded incorrectly
  8. Decorate the outside cover of your card
  9. Write a message inside and send it off!