Make a Paper Mache Pencil Holder!

Using just a can and some junk mail...


  • junk mail (like grocery ads or newspaper)
  • empty can
  • scissors
  • colored paper to decorate
  • flour
  • water
  • bowl
  • spoon


  1. Obtain an empty can, make sure it is clean and take the label off
  2. Rip junk mail into strips of paper approximately one inch wide by four inches long
  3. Mix flour and water together until you reach a gluey consistency (see video)
  4. Dunk the paper into the mixture, squeeze off any excess and start wrapping around the can
  5. Complete a few layers of this, and let dry
  6. Cut the colored paper into whatever shape you want to follow for your final design
  7. Using the same method, coat the paper with the “glue” and cover the can with the paper strips
  8. Let dry. Fill the can with writing utensils of your choice!
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