Thanksgiving Pop-Up Card

Thanksgiving Pop-Up Card

Make your Thanksgiving popping with this card!


  • Brown paper
  • Orange paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Glue


  1. Fold the brown paper and cut it in half
  2. Cut both pieces of brown paper into squares
  3. Fold both squares in half
  4. Take one of the squares and fold the corners inwards
  5. Fold that piece in half again and cut the corners into rounded edges
  6. take the other half and cut one of the corners into rounded edges
  7. Grab the yellow paper and fold it in half
  8. Grab the round paper and place it on the middle part of the yellow paper
  9. Make sure the fold of the round paper is facing inward
  10. Glue the bottom folds of the round paper onto the yellow paper
  11. Grab the other brown paper and place it between the yellow and brown paper
  12. Make sure that the fold is facing outwards
  13. Glue the top folded corners to the other brown paper
  14. Cut the round edge to make feathers
  15. Grab one of the excess brown paper and cut out a neck and head
  16. Glue those onto the body and make sure the head is not over the fold
  17. Grab the orange paper and cut out legs, beak, and leaves
  18. Glue the legs, beak, and leaves onto the card
  19. Draw eyes and details for the leaves
  20. Add phrases and decorate your card to your fitting