DIY Stuffed Animal

An easy DIY hedghog stuffed animal. Follow along or adapt it to make it your own!


  • Scrap fabric/old T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Old pillow/pillow stuffing
  • Sharpie/ fabric marker/ buttons


  1. Fold your fabric in half
  2. Sketch a peanut shape which will be the body of your stuffed animal
  3. Sketch a larger peanut shape 2 inches or larger than the smaller peanut shape
  4. Cut the larger shape out on both layers of fabric
  5. Cut slits about 1 inch apart towards the smaller peanut shape all the way around
  6. Then double knot the two pieces of fabric together all the way around, leaving a small hole to stuff the stuffed animal.
  7. After you’ve filled the stuffed animal, close up that hole by double-knotting the sides together.
  8. Add a friendly face with sharpies, fabric marker, or buttons.
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