Can't find an answer, contact us at buildit.library@sdsu.edu

Who can use the build IT makerspace?Any SDSU student, staff, or faculty with an active SDSUid
Are you going to get a laser cutter?No, due to lack of proper ventilation, safety, and other concerns.
Can I get a job/internship here?Contact Jenny Wong-Welch, jwongwelch@sdsu.edu.
Can I print in ABS?No3D Printing
Does build IT have after-hours access?Yes to Master Builders only
How long has this been here?build IT was established in January 2015. It moved to its current location in January 2016.
Is food allowed in build IT?Yes, but all food trash must be thrown away in trashcans outside the room.
"Can I have a different type of plastic?
Why do you only print in PLA?"
No, we only print in PLA because we do not have the ventilation required for other types of plastics.3D Printing