Summer Hours and Updates

Exciting renovations are underway! build IT will be temporarily closed, but we look forward to welcoming you to our new and improved space soon! Stay tuned for our reopening dates.

Summer Services

While our physical space undergoes renovations, we are working behind the scenes to improve our services. Updates on our improved offerings coming soon!

Submit 3D Print Request

Although the space is closed for renovations, you can still submit 3D print requests online. Our online 3D print request service is available for SDSU students, staff, and faculty. Prints will be processed available for pickup once we reopen.

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Trainings are temporarily unavailable during our renovation period, but will resume once we reopen. They will be offered by appointment from 10am to 3pm on Mondays.

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We are so happy that you are interested in attending one of our workshops! This is a new offering at build IT and is still a work in progress. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect is: Mandalas and Mindfulness, Guided Watercolor Painting, How To: Macramé, and more! Stay tuned for these exciting workshops.

How to get access?

The equipment and tools are available for anyone with a valid RedID number.

1. Attend an Orientation Session

To ensure a safe and clean environment, it is required that everyone attend an orientation session.

Get oriented

2. Schedule a Training Session

Some of the equipment like the 3D printers and CNC machines requires additional training.

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3. Freely Use the Equipment

Equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. See our equipment status in the link below.

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Hours & Location

Regular semester hours:

Monday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

build IT is on the 2nd Floor of Love Library in LL-260.

San Diego State University Library
5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA, 92182-8050

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Easy Noodles

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Apple Cinnamon Dessert

Apple(s) Cinnamon Optional: sugar, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream Knife Cutting Board Microwaveable Bowl Fork or spoon

Thai Tea Pudding

1 cup milk 1 Thai Tea bag or 1 tbsp thai tea mix 3 tbsp cornstarch 1/2 cup condensed milk 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Sugar to taste


Pre-cooked white cornmeal Water Salt Cheese Oil

Join us as a Master Builder

Stay on-campus and gain value internship experience with little time commitment

*Being a Master Builder is not required to use the makerspace. build IT is freely available to everyone with an SDSUid.

Group of students dressed for halloween

Become a Master Builder

No skills or experience is required. Just a willingness to volunteer 3 hours per a week

Complete our Interest Form

Master Builders...

  • have a love for technology
  • like to make
  • enjoy exploring new uses of materials & equipment
  • excel at problem-solving, learning, and teamwork
  • like to share and learn from others

In return for volunteering 3 hours per a week, Master Builders get:

  • after-hours access to build IT and its resources
  • A voice in the decision process for new resources added to the space
  • Be the first to get their hands on the latest acquired resources
  • Gain teaching experience from training others and participating in the build IT events
  • Be part of a creative, digital fabrication-focused community


build IT @SDSU Library is a makerspace designed to foster creativity and innovation. By providing an infrastructure for the DIY learning of technology, build IT assists anyone in their mission of bringing their ideas to life. The build IT space provides a physical location where anyone can gather to explore, build, and learn through sharing resources and knowledge, working on projects, and networking. With its central location in the SDSU Library, access to build IT is available to anyone on-campus regardless of their discipline or expertise.